Thank-you for wanting to know more!

Just like lots of Kiwi businesses, we’re from humble beginnings. In fact, this IS our humble beginning! We’re not a big corporate, we’re not a busines backed by millions. We’re just a couple of guys who want to make a go of it.

That means that we totally, 100%, absolutely, unreservedly appreciate every customer and how you will help us along the way!

It also means we’ll do everythig we can to make sure that the product you get from Kewbee is consistently great value compared to other similar products on the market in NZ.

So, thank YOU very much! Without YOU, we’re going nowhere faster than a plate of cherios at a kid’s birthday party.

Who are we?

We’re Benny and Perry. Two guys from Auckland, NZ.

Our surnames start with Q and B. That’s where “kewbee” comes from. Flash-as eh?! We didn’t spend a million bucks on branding, like Spark or Apple or something like that.

Benny – is a logistics expert and experienced in getting stuff transported where it needs to go. From getting a bunch of 40ft containers between countries to making sure the stock stays safe, secure and in pristine condition for dispatch. Benny’s a family man with 2 kids, spend lots of time with them when not working hard-out in his day job for a furniture importer-retailer.

Perry – is a marketing exec for a global marketing agency. He’s the tech guy with all the gadgets and doo-dahs that make stuff happen online. He also has his own digital agency helping to market clients in New Zealand and Australia. Perry has 2 adult kids left home, and 2 step-kids at home. Busy as!